While Tia was attending Heart Change, she learned about Heart Felt Soaps and was intrigued. She enjoyed working with her hands and being creative. Tia thought making soaps might be something she would do well. Upon completing Mother’s University in December of 2014, Tia began working at Heart Felt Soaps.

Tia had had previous jobs, but none of them provided her with the flexibility she needed to be able to have good childcare for her kids as well as enough time to continue working on her educational goals. She says that Heart Felt Soaps has provided her with both of these things, which has helped her to balance life a little better. Along with that, she genuinely enjoys her time at work each day.  Heart Felt Soaps is a place where Tia can count on a positive work environment, filled with fellowship and encouragement. Each morning, the day starts off with a devotional and time of prayer together, which Tia treasures as most workplaces do not start the day that way.

Aside from the environment, Tia also truly enjoys the work she is doing. She feels making soaps is a creative outlet for her and something she knows she is gifted at. Heart Felt Soaps has had many busy seasons where Tia has found herself excited and motivated to do her best. And in the slower seasons, she enjoys the time to focus on new designs and time with her coworkers.

Tia hopes that Heart Felt Soaps will continue to grow and there will continue to be more opportunities for women because she believes in the community at Heart Felt Soaps and how it enriches lives.

One work skill that Tia has learned from her time at Heart Felt Soaps which she feels will benefit her in future jobs is business entrepreneurship that will help her start her own business someday.