Amanda graduated from Mother’s University in 2016. When she found out about Heart Felt Soaps, she approached the director of Heart Change to find out more. She was interested in the creative process of making soap and also, since work took place right after Heart Change ended each day and there was child care, she thought she might as well stay on and work.

Since then, Amanda has been in and out of Heart Felt Soaps, but recently has been back for the past four months. Like the other women, she appreciates the good people she gets to be with during the day such as Peony, who is “awesome and makes working fun.” Amanda also enjoys the time she gets to spend talking with the others girls and mornings doing devotionals and learning verses.  She describes Heart Felt Soaps as a very real and encouraging environment where everyone can be honest with one another and pray for each other when they are struggling.

Amanda does well in both busy and slow work environments. She says she likes the steadiness, but also likes the feeling of accomplishment during the busier seasons.

One work skill that Amanda has gained from her time at Heart Felt Soaps which she feels will benefit her in future jobs is that she has learned to not quit but to keep trying and to work hard until she masters whatever the task is. And to never give up!