It’s never too early to start collecting gifts for the Holiday season and our Christmas soaps are here!

At Heart Felt soaps we love the Holiday season because this time of year is about “making special” for the ones we love – whether its planning special gatherings, surprises that delight, decorating your home, or preparing that special recipe your family loves. We love the holiday time because it’s the time we can slow down the busy pace of life to be with loved ones, to listen, share and make memories together. We love the holiday time because it’s a time to celebrate the great provisions of our good God!

Heart Felt soaps reflect “making special” whether it’s a soft and cozy felted bar or one of the beautiful art bars – these soaps are special. Each one is handcrafted. And the story behind the soap adds to the beauty of the bars.

Our holiday designs this year feature a few favorites from previous years along with some more contemporary designs we think you will love! The felted offering is warm, cozy, soft to the touch and will cheer up any bathroom for the entire winter season!

The perennial favorites Kringle Plaid and Home is Where the Heart Is are back. And NEW this Holiday season is our Quilted Tree and Quilted Heart – these designs are so much fun, colorful quilted designs set on a background of our locally sourced raw gray wool. They convey both a vintage and a thoroughly contemporary feel with an almond fragrance.

For a non-felted soap selection this holiday season, we are featuring two soaps:

The perennial favorite of the non-felted soaps Peppermint Bark is back along with our new bar, Eve in Eden. This beautiful soap has swirls of rose and green. It hints at the holidays with its coloring, but is clearly a bar for the year round. It is rich in nourishing shea butter and the scent is intoxicating!

Share these special gifts with the ones you love this Holiday season!