It is wedding season which means a lot of celebrations and special events surrounding the actual wedding ceremony, including engagement parties, bridal showers and bridesmaid’s luncheons, rehearsal dinners, wedding day breakfasts, and the “morning-after” brunch for out of town guests.

One of the challenges of each event is coming up with a creative way to tell your guests just how special they are and how much it means to have them participating with the bride and groom in their special day!
Whether you are the bride, or the hostess of an event, Heart Felt Soaps make a beautiful, thoughtful and personal way to communicate to guests how much they are appreciated.  Heart Felt Soaps reflect the values of so many of today’s brides; personalization, sustainability and socially responsible gift giving.
Heart Felt Soaps can be personalized to reflect the weddings color themes, scent preferences and even the couple’s “new” monogram.  Heart Felt soaps are handmade, small-batch soaps made using all natural ingredients with functional properties promoting healthy and beautiful skin!  Each bar of soap is so beautiful that it requires no additional packaging to make it event presentable, reducing packaging waste. Finally, Heart Felt Soaps are a gift that always gives twice! Each Heart Felt Soap purchase gives the “gift of work” to women coming out of generational poverty, and who are forging a new and better future for themselves and their children.
Customized soaps require a minimum purchase or 24 bars – select the shape, the scent, colors and design theme from our customization guide, which we can email to you.  For more information email .   Also please browse our in-stock soaps, which work beautifully as wedding event guest favors and thank yous!