A friendly woman with a sweet smile and a beautiful laugh, Tina started working at Heart Felt Soaps in February of 2018.  She has done a variety of the tasks at Heart Felt Soaps, but her primary job is as a felting artisan.  One of her favorite soaps to create is the “puppies” line of felted soaps.

This mother of four has been in and out of a variety of jobs, but she says, “It has been a long time since I had a job I felt good about going to.  This job…I feel good about getting up in the morning to come here.”  She loves the work and the environment, but even more so she loves the fellowship she gets to experience at work.  She says that the work is not easy, but it is something she feels good about doing.  

Based on past experiences, Tina felt that she might have trouble learning how to take constructive criticism, so that was a fear she had coming into the job.  However, she found out quickly that she is able to take constructive criticism, and she states that this feedback is actually a good thing.  She is able to grow in her skills as an artisan as she accepts and applies feedback from her supervisors.  Another skill she has been learning, on top of the specific skills of craftsmanship, is the ability to self-motivate to get to the bus to get to work and self-motivate to meet her production targets each day.

Tina loves Heart Felt Soaps, and loves being involved in Heart Change Ministries.  She enjoys the teachers, the women, and the fellowship.  She is thankful, sharing that this has given her a purpose in life, to worship God and to learn more about Him.   She finds the work to be therapeutic, helping to melt away her stress.  She finds the steadiness of the work to be pushing her to meet her future goals, including a goal to go to culinary school and become a chef.  Tina is thriving in the constructive, positive work environment.  In her words, “I love this place!”