Holiday Gift Soaps

It’s October! For many of us that means that the holiday season is upon us and it is once again time to be thinking ahead about family gatherings, who will be where for the holidays, will we host the annual Christmas party this year, whether or not to do a family picture for the Christmas card, and, of course, presents!  Presents for that neighbor who watered your flowers or watched your house while you were on vacation, teachers, members of your small group, dinner club, book club, hostess gifts for the holiday party circuit, stocking stuffers, the non-family members coming to dinner on Christmas Eve, Christmas day or New Years.  I’m worn out just typing this list, let alone finding the actual gift for each one. 

Heart Felt Soaps to the rescue! 

Holiday gift soaps are a great solution for all of the above not only because everyone uses soap (or they should!) and bar soap is now recommended over the liquid soap we have all been using because it is detergent and hard on skin.  Heart Felt Soaps are the bar soaps everyone can love.  They are all natural, made without using detergents and feature a blend of 5 skin nourishing oils.  They are made the slow way – using natural ingredients and functional ingredients that promote healthy skin -and cold processed so that it takes 3 weeks for the soap to fully cure.  

The felted bars celebrate an ancient tradition of wrapping soap in wool to protect the soap.  The felt provides the extra benefits of  exfoliating and polishing of skin along with the cleansing of skin.  And the felted wool makes the soap last longer and easier to hold onto while in use.  

But a gift of Heart Felt Soaps is so much more than a gift of a great soap!  Heart Felt Soaps are soaps with a heart warming story that will increase the value of the gift to the one who receives it.  Every bar is crafted by a woman who has been given the “gift of work”!  She is working to forge a better future for her family and herself.  She Is developing the skills that will help her sustain work and be promotable.  

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