Father’s Day is right around the corner!  At Heart Felt Soaps we are feeling lots of love as we think about the fathers in our lives,both biological and  those honorary dads and “uncles” who have become over the yearsthe fathers to our own children who relentlessly protect, provide and love our little ones, grandfathers who always have time for us and the brothers who stood up for us when we were little, and our own sons who have become fathers and made us grandmothers!  No matter how someone has become one of the fathers in our lives, they hold important places in our hearts.  Right now it takes a little more creativity to express and demonstrate our love for those fathers.  Maybe , for their well-being, we have even had to forego being with them, let alone being able to hug them

This Father’s Day , a gift of Heart Felt Soaps is both thoughtful and practical. Chock full of  de-toxifying, deodorizing, skin nurturing ingredients, your choice to gift them with a Heart Felt Soap is taking care of the one who has taken care of you!