Our Mission

Welcome to Heart Change Artisans!

Your purchase is more than just a beautiful item. Every purchase provides wages to women who are determined to break the cycle of poverty – providing for their families through employment and building a brighter future for themselves and their families. Every purchase is helping to beautify a woman’s life and the lives of her children.

What is the Gift of Work?

Heart Change Artisans is a “Gift of Work” initiative. What is a “Gift of Work” initiative? Work is a gift given to us by God. Work was ordained by God in the Garden of Eden for the good of Adam and Eve. God is always at work and He has given us work to do.

Sometimes, work can be viewed as a burden or something to be avoided. At the “Gift of Work” initiative, we are training to have a biblically-informed work ethic. Women are learning to excel in their work. They are learning to conduct themselves appropriately on the job, regardless of how the people around them behave, learning how to lead, and learning when and how to follow. Women are developing the habits of punctuality, timeliness, pace of work, excellence, truthfulness, and attention to detailed processes.

About Heart Change Artisans

Heart Felt Soaps is the first in a group of small business initiatives being created under Heart Change Artisans. These are not-for-profits run under the same discipline and focus as a for-profit business but with the primary objective being to train women to maintain employment, advance, and provide for their families.

In addition to the work skills we hope to develop, women are also being taught the basic principles of running a business. They are not just being given a task to do for a paycheck, but are learning how each task contributes to the whole business.