Heart Felt Soaps

All Heart Felt Soaps products are handmade and are made using all natural ingredients and a variety of wonderful functional essential oils depending on the particular style of soap and its intended purpose. For example, our Gardener’s soap contains lavender which soothes tired, hard-working hands and heals bites and scrapes. Our foot soaps, made especially for feet, contain three essential oils; tree tea, lemongrass and mint. These help keep feet healthy and invigorated.

The initial line of Heart Felt Soaps were all felted soaps. In 2017, we introduced our hand-crafted small batch soaps as a line of unfelted soaps we call “Art Bars!”

What Is a Felted Soap?

Put simply, felted soap is soap in a sweater!  The wool on the outside of the soap, which is a marvelous antibacterial anti-fungal fiber, replaces the washcloth.  Every time you wash with one of our heartfelt soaps you will experience an extra measure of clean and slightly more polished skin.

A variety of fine dyed wools and locally sourced undyed wools are used to create these beautiful felted soaps. The dyed wools are soft merino wool or even finer and softer alpaca wool. The undyed wool featured organically grown wool from sheep being raised locally in Sheridan, Indiana by a wonderful shepherdess.

The felting process is as much of an art as it is a process. It requires careful handwork and an eye for beauty to create the finished product.  Since each Heart Felt Soap is handmade, they are all slightly unique as each one bears the artistic sensibilities of the felting artisan who made it!

Heart Felt soaps are a little bit softer and thicker than other felted soap available, resulting in a more luxurious experience for the skin.