What's New - Art Bars!

These are our handmade, hand cut, cold-process soaps without a sweater on!  Bars of soap that look like a piece of art for your soap dish and are loaded with essential oils and other natural ingredients that are fantastic for your skin!

Each features a special blend of base oils, essential/fragrance oils and plant based inclusions for delightful scents and functional benefits!

Heart Felt Soaps

Each handmade bar of soap is then wrapped with a selection of locally raised sheep wool or fine merino wool to create a beautiful felted bar of soap.

The felting replaces a wash cloth or loofah and delivers a number of benefits versus a plain bar of soap or liquid soaps.

  • Easier to hold onto –  does not slip out of hands while using
  • The felting provides exfoliating benefits leaving skin smother and more polished
  • The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties of wool keeps soap healthier
  • scrubs nails cleaner than other forms of soap