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Buy 9 bars of soap and get the 10th bar FREE! Use code B9G1 at checkout.

A collage of images of soaps, one to represent each season. An iris for spring. A sunflower for summer. A pumpkin spice bar for fall. A wreath for winter. The words Soap of the Season!

Soap of the Season Subscription!

Winter, spring, summer, and fall… we have a soap for them all! Send a gift that lasts all year long! Our new Soap-of-the-Season gift subscription sends soap that captures the season and delivers an all-natural, skin-nourishing clean! Select a soap for each of the 4 seasons. The first Soap of the Season will be sent out starting in March! The seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and holiday/winter! Click here to see the assortment from which to choose for each of the seasons.


Felted Soaps

Each handmade bar of soap is then wrapped with a selection of locally raised sheep wool or fine merino wool to create a beautiful felted bar.

The felting replaces a wash cloth or loofah and delivers a number of benefits as a plain bar of soap or liquid soap:

  • The soaps are easier to hold onto –  they do not slip out of hands during use
  • The felting provides exfoliating benefits leaving skin smoother and more polished
  • The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties of wool keeps soap healthier
  • The felted soaps scrub nails cleaner than other forms of soap

Buy 9 bars of soap and get the 10th bar FREE! Use code B9G1 at checkout.

Art Bars

Our art bars are small batch, cold processed soaps that look like a piece of art for your soap dish.  They are loaded with essential oils and other natural ingredients that are fantastic for your skin!

Each features a special blend of base oils, essential/fragrance oils and plant based infusions for delightful scents and functional benefits!