Buy 9 bars of soap and get the 10th bar FREE! Use code B9G1 at checkout.

A collage of images of soaps, one to represent each season. An iris for spring. A sunflower for summer. A pumpkin spice bar for fall. A wreath for winter. The words Soap of the Season!

It’s the Season of Gift Giving… so give a gift that lasts all year with our NEW Soap of the Season Subscription!

Winter, spring, summer, and fall… we have a soap for them all! Send a gift that lasts all year long! Our new Soap-of-the-Season gift subscription sends soap that captures the season and delivers an all-natural, skin-nourishing clean! Select a soap for each of the 4 seasons. The first Soap of the Season will be sent out starting in Spring 2021! The seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and holiday/winter! Order now and start with a beautiful holiday soap to kick off the gift giving season! Click here to see the assortment from which to choose for each of the seasons.


Rub-a-dub-dub… Three Sheep in a Tub!

3 Sheep Felted Soap Bars in a tub full of bubbles, with the words Rub-a-dub-dub... three sheep in a tub!
At Heart Felt Soaps, nature is our inspiration – whether it’s the flora that inspire our floral soaps, the fauna that inspires our animal soaps or the limitless scents that delight our noses! God’s love for diversity and variety is evident in all He has created! And, I love the variety He has created, don’t you?! It would be so boring if there was only one type of flower, one type of vegetable or one kind of day! So we thought it was about time that our signature Soapy Sheep reflected more of the variety that God created! According to sheep experts, there are over 1000 distinct breeds of sheep. We will never be able to reflect that much variety, but we are proud to add our new black and brown sheep to the line-up!


It makes one think – if we are delighted by the diversity found in nature among the flowers, butterflies and foods that we all enjoy, why wouldn’t we delight in the diversity of skin colors He created when He created us! What’s more, we all share this in common – we are made in His image!   

Felted Soaps

Each handmade bar of soap is then wrapped with a selection of locally raised sheep wool or fine merino wool to create a beautiful felted bar.

The felting replaces a wash cloth or loofah and delivers a number of benefits as a plain bar of soap or liquid soap:

  • The soaps are easier to hold onto –  they do not slip out of hands during use
  • The felting provides exfoliating benefits leaving skin smoother and more polished
  • The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial properties of wool keeps soap healthier
  • The felted soaps scrub nails cleaner than other forms of soap

Buy 9 bars of soap and get the 10th bar FREE! Use code B9G1 at checkout.

Art Bars

Our art bars are small batch, cold processed soaps that look like a piece of art for your soap dish.  They are loaded with essential oils and other natural ingredients that are fantastic for your skin!

Each features a special blend of base oils, essential/fragrance oils and plant based infusions for delightful scents and functional benefits!

Buy 9 bars of soap and get the 10th bar FREE! Use code B9G1 at checkout.